Sandringham Country Park

Sandringham Country Park

The revised plan this weekend was to do an interiors photography commission Friday morning, then head off  from Lincoln to Norfolk with Clive for a couple of days walking on the North Norfolk coast.

We settled on the Camping and Caravaning Club campsite at Sandringham Country Park, just the other side of Hunstanton, as this meant we could keep the journey time down. The forecast wasn’t good, but it’s not very often it curtails our plans as neither of us mind getting wet, within reason.

However, we were lucky Friday evening and we put the tents up in good weather, cooked a meal, and rather than do the washing-up we headed for Heacham North Beach to take some photos of the sunset. Heacham was a good spot, because that stretch of coastline is on the east side of The Wash and faces west.

Heacham North Beach

Sunset on Heacham North Beach

The weather didn’t hold out come Saturday morning, so we thought we’d set off for Hunstanton, find a coffee shop with wifi and Clive could then sort out some stuff online – oh the joys of running an IT support company.

To give you an idea of how heavy the rain was, both of us had soaking wet trousers by the time we’d walked less than 300 yards to Wells Deli. Fortunately, we both had Craghopper walking trousers and they dry out very quickly, so it’s never really a disaster getting caught out in the rain without waterproof leggings. BTW, the coffee and pecan pie hit the spot.

After the weather eased off we walked back to the car where Clive suggested taking a chance on a walk along the prom to see where it took us. I, on the other hand, had misgivings and wanted to wait in the car for a few minutes before deciding. Good job we did, as no sooner had we climbed inside than the heavens opened again; this time with acompanying thunder and lightening. It was so bad that in the end we couldn’t see the sea, which was only a matter of a couple of hundred yards the other side of the sea wall.

Admitting defeat in Hunstanton, we drove to Kings Lynn where the sun decided to show its face and by lunch time I’d stripped down to a tee shirt. Sat on the quayside in the old part of town we had a bit of lunch before taking a photo walk in the area.

Quayside Kings Lynn

Mooring at the quayside

Kings Lynn Minster

Kings Lynn Minster

Sunday morning we took our time over a leisurely breakfast before de-camping, followed by a short walk through the woods of Sandringham Country Park. We didn’t bother going to look at the entrance to the royal estate – may be another time.

Not a lot of walking this weekend, but a very relaxed one.

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