New For Old Cleats

New For Old – It’s a Cleatche

My cleats had been telling me for quite some time, they needed replacing. It had gradually been getting more and more difficult to clip the left shoe into the pedal.

But I coped, as you do, and given that I’d never used the pedal and cleat system until I got my first bike after, well, quite a few years I wasn’t sure how long it would last.

Cut a long story short, on the ride today the cleat on the left shoe pulled out of the pedal on a climb. No harm done, but with the main climb yet to be tackled I was left wondering whether I’d be climbing it with only an effective right pedal.

For those of you who use ordinary pedals you may not be aware of the advantage you have with cleats. You can pull on one pedal and push with the other – it makes climbing hills so much easier. Doesn’t make climbing hills easy, just easier and quicker.

There are three hills within the near vicinity of Calver where I do a lot of cycling – Curbar Gap, Frogatt and Grindleford. Curbar is the shortest (1 mile) and steepest, Frogatt is the longest (3 miles) but with a much less severe gradient and Grindleford is 2 miles but with a significantly steeper gradient than Frogatt. The members of the club I ride with generally consider Grindleford to be the toughest of the three, which meant I wasn’t looking forward to malfunctioning cleats going up Grindleford. As it happens, it wasn’t an issue.

So, as soon as David, the friend I went out with, left my place I fitted a new pair. Once I’d removed the old set I took a close look at the state of them and in the picture below I think you’ll see the difference between old and new.




Fitted and tested the new ones and everything works fine. Looking forward to the club run tomorrow.

You can buy a pair from the Wiggle Online Store.

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