MRI Scan – The Accident – Part 6

Yay! Finally up-to-date with this account of my accident that happened on 17th October and the ongoing treatment.

Something I forgot to mention in the previous post is that whilst I’m having the operation this week it is no guarantee that it will result in an end to the infection.

The scan took about half-an-hour of lying really still inside the MRI scanner. To drown out the noise they play radio 2 to you on headphones. Never mind, no treatment is perfect.

The radiographer said the images were very clear as a result of me having laid perfectly still, but she said they still wanted to put some blue dye into my body for another scan to help create more contrast, which would be the icing on the cake to help the doctors get a clearer picture of what was going on – muggins here agreed. Anything to help the medics resolve this!

Afterwards, as I got dressed I asked if I could see the images, half expecting a “No.” But she was only too happy to show me.

You could clearly see the infected area around the elbow joint, but I’d taken that as a given. However, what was of far more interest to me was something else.

There was a white area that was quite wide (relatively speaking) but as it went further into the skin it narrowed down to a point. I’m guessing that the length would be 0.5-1.0 inch in length. Apparently, this has to be some kind of metal object which the scanner can’t penetrate, which is why it shows up as white in the image.

There isn’t any signs of infection around this object and it’s clearly not very near the site of the infection. And it just makes me wonder whether it’s this object that has caused so much pain at the slightest  outside contact. Hopefully, it’ll be removed and the associated pain with it – we’ll see.

Next post will be after the operation. I’ll be in hospital for a few days so it’ll probably be up in a week or so.

Wish me luck.

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