MET Idolo Road Bike Helmet

MET Idolo (2021) Road Helmet Review

I love my MET Rivale (UAE) bike helmet, but in summer it can be a bit too warm, so I thought it was about time I looked for an alternative for this current heat wave we’re experiencing.

And given that I think I have a pecular shaped head I looked at the MET helmets again – and I wasn’t disappointed. Almost the first red/black helmet I came across was the MET Idolo 2021 road helmet. I purchased it, getting the same size as the Rivale reasoning that it should fit. In fact the size has altered a bit from 54-58cm (Rivale) to 52-59cm (Idolo). This is great as it should allow for greater adjustment, fitting more folk. It’s a medium, by the way.

At only 250g (for the medium) it’s very light and compact, and the strap adjustment works like a dream – not fiddly and awkward like some helmets straps.

MET Idolo Helmet
A truly light, comfortable and compact road helmet

It also has a rear light (built into the head adjustment mechanism) and operates via a toggle switch. Three positions: Off, constant and pulse. Simplicity itself. I do recall a while ago you could attach a rear light to some of MET’s helemets, but the down side was it cost about £34.00. So having it built into this helmet is a stroke of genius.

MET Idolo Rear Light
The rear light is an added bonus

Click the MET Idolo link above and you can read all the marketing fluff that I’m not going to bore you with here. Suffice to say this helmet is a light, comfortable and cooler version of the Rivale. Not only that, whereas the Rivale was £120.00 the Idolo is only £50.00.

I’ve only worn it once due to trashing both bikes last week, but I can already confirm that it is really comfortable to wear and I don’t get a heat build up during rides anymore.

MET offer (through their official dealers) a 2 year warranty and crash replacement service. Now, how’s that for looking after customers?

I really do think this helmet is a fantastic bargain!

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