Let the Physio Begin – The Accident – Part 10

Monday 29th December

I turned up at the Physiotherapy department about midday, with the form Orthaepedics had given me at the last appointment.

The receptionist took one look at it and in an all-too-common ‘officious receptionist’ voice, told me I should have brought the form to them immediately after my orthaepedic appointment on 22nd December. I explained that I’d been told the department closed at 17:00, to which she replied that it didn’t close ’til 17:30 – not the information I’d been given. But she insisted on repeating herself in that tone that implies you’re a naughty little kid that needs a reprimand.

At this point I’d had enough, and with an edge in my voice that she obviously picked up on, I told her I’d had enough of the way I’d been treated, referring to the delay in having my operations, and after that she adopted a much more reasonable tone, and managed to fit me in with a 13:00hrs appointment for that day.

By contrast the physiotherapist, Ryan, couldn’t have been nicer, despite the pain he inflicted during the session. Actually, it wasn’t too bad at all.

I was given exercises to do, and another appointment was arranged for 6th January.

After that I took myself along to the Blood Test department and was in and out within 20 minutes.

Next stop, A&E for the dressing to be changed. Here, the nurse inspected the wound and told me it didn’t need a dressing. Given the length of the infection I asked if I could have an opinion from the orthaepedics department, which she was fine with. A doctor I’d not seen before came, looked at it, and said it would be fine without a dressing. Another little hurdle out of the way.

Monday 5th January

A quick appointment with Orthaepedics who took another blood sample for a test and told me my blood test from the previous week had shown me to be free of infection – at last! Although I’m to continue taking the antibiotics ’til they run out.

This has been a huge relief after all this time and is like seeing not just a light, but a floodlight, at the end of the tunnel.

Now I can concentrate on the physiotherapy and not have the infection praying on my mind, although I think it remains to be seen what the after effects of the Osteomelytis (bone infection) will be. But now the goal is to regain that 50% of movement I’ve lost in my right arm.

Another appointment was made for 19th January.

Tuesday 6th January

Off to physiotherapy. More exercises, more pain, but all in a good cause.

I have 2 more appointments, one with Orthaepedics and one with Physiotherapy on 19th and 20th January.

So, hopefully, there’ll be nothing worth reporting and I can get back to blogging about walking and cycling, although getting back on the bike may take a few more weeks – we’ll see.

But for now I have a walking break just south of The Lakes (near Carnforth) arranged for next week with my good friend, Clive :)

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