Home Sweet Home – The Accident – Part 3

From 19-21st October I stayed at home, apart from one trip to my GP’s surgery, and didn’t do much.

Sun/Mon/Tues 19/20/21st October

I’ve found sleep throughout the ongoing recovery process to thankfully not have eluded me. By sleeping on my right side and resting my right arm on my right leg I can keep the elbow out of harms way. When I wake I’m usually on my back with the arm laid across my stomach.

Occasionally I’ve moved onto my right side, rested my upper right arm on the edge of the mattress and stuck my lower arm up in the air. Only problem is if I dose off and let the arm drop down I get a very painful jolt that forces me to raise the arm again and turn over cursing myself for not re-positioning myself sooner.

Sunday morning found me in good spirits. The weather had improved and I was looking forward to a friend coming over to clean out my gutters, which badly needed doing.

By lunchtime the job was done and I returned to bed. Being up and around for a few hours had clearly taken something out of me and I realised I’d not be back at work the next day. In fact, the way I was feeling told me I’d be having the week off. I decided that come Monday morning I’d make an appointment at my GP’s surgery for the dressing to be changed. Northern General had given me a bag of dressings for just that purpose and indicated they’d write to my GP to explain the situation.

My gut instinct told me not to wait for the surgery to get in touch and Monday morning I called and arranged an appointment for that afternoon. By now I wasn’t feeling too great and decided to leave half-an-hour for the walk to the surgery, which normally took 5 minutes. But I reckoned half-an-hour would give me plenty of leeway.

Turns out it took me the full half hour, with many stops to get my breath back. Up side was I was seen straight in to the practice nurse.

On removing the dressing she wrinkled her nose, pulled a face of disgust and said, “That smells really offensive.” “I can’t smell a thing,” I replied, “But then I have a very bad sense of smell.”

She called the doctor down to take a look and after conferring with the nurse I was put on 500mg of Amoxicillin 3 times a day and told to make an appointment for Wednesday.

I returned home and went to bed.

Next morning, Tuesday, I went to get out of bed but had to sit back down again on the mattress. I did manage to get back up but felt very light-headed. This set the tone for the rest of the day, so other than for meals I spent most of it in bed. Come the evening I got on Facebook to let the world know I wasn’t feeling too great, and back came a post with a link to an NHS page all about Sepsis and the exhortation to take this seriously and go see my doctor.

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