Freezing Feet

If you’ve ever been out on your bike when it’s close to freezing, you’ll know just how cold and unpleasant a sensation it is to have cold feet and toes.

In short, overshoes are a must in winter. And the ones I’ve always used are the Endura Overshoes. Made of neoprene, and in their latest incarnation (Road II), with a red lining, these little beauties will keep your feet toasty warm and dry down to about 3C, below that they may get cold, but will still be way better than no overboots at all.

I was reminded last Sunday just how effective they are when out for a 50 miler in freezing conditions and heavy rain. it’s fair to say my feet were cold, but having forgotten to put them on on the very odd occasion I can categorically say I would have been in considerable pain without them. And they kept my feet completely dry.

Getting them on and off is a knack, but becomes easier with practise. One bit of advice I would give is to move the tag halfway up the zip, because if they corrode the tag could get jammed as mine did when I left them in my cellar over the summer period.

It’s obvious from the construction that Endura have designed these overshoes to last and the quality is excellent.

Of course, they don’t win any points for elegance, but then neither will your winter bike in all probability, so why worry about it.

I’ll post some more short reviews about winter clothing after Christmas, but in the meantime enjoy the festivities 🙂

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