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Double Whammy!

The accident happened last Thursday, but it’s taken a while to process the incident.

It was a classic case of driving into a height restriction with bikes on the roof of the car. Turning into Vicar Lane Shopping Centre Car Park and up the ramp, only to hear a loud noise, and that sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach. Of course, I instantly knew what had happened, looked behind me and saw the roof rack, with both bikes still attached, sat on the ramp behind me.

A guy who had seen what had happened came over and helped me lift the roof rack onto the pavement. I think I must have experienced something akin to shock, but didn’t react in a negative way – in fact I rationalised the situation and felt quite calm.

A quick assessment, showed that the carbon BMC had a quite severely cracked down tube a few inches from the bottom bracket no doubt caused by the clamp that was securing the bike on the rack. The only other damage, a punctured front tyre.

The Kinesis 4S disc had similiar damage to its down tube, but this time there was only a dent to the tubing and it hadn’t even cracked the paintwork, so fingers crossed it won’t develop any cracks. The Racelight front wheel, as you can see, has been totally trashed.

It was only later that evening my mood took quite a down turn. I tried to put the incident out of my mind until I could contact my car and home insurers to see if I could make a claim.

And that is what I did the next morning.

Under the car insurance I could only claim £100.00 for personal belongings – not a lot of use! However, the home insurance was a different matter. I was only phoning to see if I could make a claim, but it turns out I had itemised both bikes on the policy, yay!

Only it turns out I had insured a Pinnacle and not informed the insurers I had replaced it with a Kinesis, so my maximum claim would be for £500.00 – that should cover the repairs (new Racelight wheelset – £350.00).

With the BMC, the cost of a new frame is £3,999.00 and the maximum payout would be £2,100.00. But there is a workable alternative – get a carbon repair, which the insurers said they would pay for provided it would be a safe repair. Otherwise, they would pay out the £2,100.00.

Damaged BMC
Damage to the down tube of the BMC

I’d prefer a safe repair, because I could never afford a new bike of equivalent standard. In fact I’d always said I’d keep the BMC until it was no longer rideable for that very reason. A friend recommended Carbon Bike Repair Ltd down in Leatherhead, who seem to be a reputable company and I’ve sent off photos of the damage and a description of what happened. Hopefully, I’ll get a response soon, fingers crossed.

I’m waiting for a spare part and should have the Kinesis back on the road sometime this week.

Next time, I think I’ll buy a bike rack that fits to the back of the car!

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  1. Just done the same with my sons brand new cyclocross bike! Destroyed a carbon front wheel and dented the down tube where it was clamped to the carrier. The shifters were all bent out of alignment, but a friend and I managed to get the back in place and cannibalise one of my front wheels so he could race today. The frame held up, from what in understand the downtube is held in tension and unlikely to break. Just ordered a 2nd hand carrier to go on the back of the car. Lost a lot of sleep over this last night’

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