Barry Pape's Birthday Ride

Barry’s Birthday Ride

Another blisteringly hot day today, with the added bonus that after the 12% climb up Mrs. Maycock’s Mound to Lea Gardens cafe Barry Pape announces he’s buying the coffee and cakes for everyone, in celebration of his 70th Birthday – top man. Photo credit: Barry Pape

But tell me, is it only our club where the birthday celebrant buys the coffee and cake for everyone else?

For the record, left to right, in the photo above it’s me, Phil Allison, Barry Pape and mechanic extraordinaire, Barry Parker.

After the cafe stop we headed downhill giving the “cafe legs” a brief rest, crossing Lea Main Road and down a short sharp descent followed by the relatively gentle climb up to Riber Hall – not the notoriously steep alternative from Matlock.

After this, I had a little bit of a drama. We’d all turned right at the top onto Carr Lane with it’s twisting descent through a delightfully cooling tree canopy. Only problem was, the shadows meant it was difficult to spot potholes and I was unlucky enough to hit one. It didn’t bring me off the bike, but the impact punctured the front tyre. A quick holla at the guys ahead and we all stopped for me to fix it.

Phil and Barry Parker look on as Barry Pape grabs a shot of me changing the tube

While he waited Barry also took a photo of his bike – well who wouldn’t if they owned a bike like that?

S-Works (Photo credit: Barry Pape)

Thankfully, the rest of the ride was uneventful – we took our usual route back to Beeley Moor and Barry Parker and I parted company with Phil and Barry as we continued on to Cutthorpe and back home.

It’s great to be back out on the bike with my cycling buddies, without the need for leg and arm warmers.

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